• Formulation of policies, plans and programmes in respect of the machinery for administration of justice
  • Implementation and direction of such policies, plans and programmes within the time limit agreed with the national planning authorities and within budgeted resources.
  • Matters relating to the administration of justice which have not been assigned to any other Institution in terms of the Constitution.
  • Implementation of reforms to the legal system taking into consideration societal needs and global trends.
  • Implementation of all matters systematically and efficiently in relation to overall administration, including prevention of delays in the administration of justice within the court system.
  • Criminal prosecutions and civil proceedings on behalf of the government.
  • Tender legal advice to the government and to all government departments.
  • Drafting of legislation
  • Make recommendations to grant pardons, commutations, remissions, respites, and suspensions in relation to sentences passed on any offender.
  • Formulation and implementation of an appropriate programme to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall Quazi system.
  • Administration of labour tribunals and any other Matters relating thereto.
  • Documentation and consolidation of laws
  • Preparation of legal glossaries
  • Publication of Law Reports
  • Assistance to and Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses Act. No. 04 of 2015 of the following item:-
    • Commercial Mediation Centre of Sri Lanka Act, No. 44 of 2000.

Supervision of Departments /Institutions that come under the purview of the Ministry of Justice and all other subjects that comes under the purview of these Departments /Institutions.