secrataryI offer my heartfelt congratulations on the launching of the new official website of the Ministry of Justice. It is my firm belief that this website is quite capable of providing a wide circle of general public including  public officers, attorneys-at-law with a more meaningful service to a greater extent.

One of the major roles of this Ministry includes the introduction of law reforms for the best interest of the general public and the provision of facilities to strengthen the mechanism so as to ensure the process of administration of justice efficiently.

The website brings you a detailed account of information relating to the Ministry of Justice and the Departments and Institutions  which are within the purview of the Ministry and as well as the duties and functions discharged and performed by  these State Establishments.  The Web Site itself sets keys so that there exists an opportunity to have reference to a wide variety of texts including performance appraisal reports of the Ministry of Justice. The benefits of download facility designed on the website are immense.  Further, new information pertaining to various programes and projects including development activities currently initiated by the Ministry are immediately sent to the website.

I suppose that the information given on the website in respect of existing vacancies, employment opportunities and recruitments etc. of the Ministry of Justice and its affiliated Institutions  extremely useful and serve large purpose for persons seeking employment avenues.

One of the key functions which the Ministry of Justice performs includes the service of court processes i.e. summonses, notices etc. through the relevant Embassies in association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on persons already proceeded abroad. All details including relevant Acts, important pieces of legislation, necessary circulars,  useful forms and applicable charges etc. in the process of service of these documents  are also included on the website.Further, particulars in respect of Justices of the Peace, Inquirers into Sudden Deaths, Commissioner for Oaths, Sworn Translators etc. are among the contents on the website which prove particularly useful for the interested parties.

Finally, I invite you to get access to the website of the Ministry of Justice so as to gain maximum benefits. And I appeal your attention to show us shortcoming, if any, on the website and extremely admire your valuable comments that I strongly believe are more  helpful us so that the Ministry will take prompt action to upgrade the website by rectifying any such errors and deficiencies.

Padmasiri Jayamanne,
Ministry of Justice.