2The website of the Ministry of Justice which has become the foremost among the State Institutions promotes more opportunities for the general public to swiftly reach information relating to it  and as well as the Departments and Institutions which are within its purview. It is obvious that at present  it is becoming increasingly popular that many Sri Lankans get rapid access to the Internet that emerges as a major key in obtaining a wide range of information at low cost in an efficient way. I believe that being a State Institution it is vitally important for the Ministry of Justice to take the current situation with better understanding.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank to all officials of the Ministry who have extended their fullest corporation and worked so for months to plan and design this website. And I hope that all officials of the Ministry will take remedial actions promptly to update the website in order to provide the general public with a better service.


Hon. H. R. Sarathie Dushmantha Mithrapala, 
Deputy Minister of Justice and Buddhasasana.