EDFirstly, I offer my congratulations to the official Website of the Ministry of Justice which is one of the most important Ministries in the country. The official Website of the Ministry is primarily designed in order for the general public to be aware of the services rendered by the Ministry of Justice which in turn facilitate them in dealing with their usual course of day today matters.

Our Ministry is committed to ensure an independent judicial system in the country which was underscored in the series of policies mandated in the presidential elections manifesto titled “A compassionate government in a stable country” presented by His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena. In this effort, it is with great pleasure to note that Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe has also extended his fullest corporation to make this worthy course a great success.

I firmly believed that this Website greatly assures the right of citizens to freely access to the information. One of the most important tasks owed to be done by the Ministry is to provide the general public with a speedy and qualitative service. To fulfill this endeavor with utmost satisfaction, I am happy to note that our Ministry has a staff working with dedication and commitment.

I further believe that the information available in the official Website in respect of the services provided by the Ministry is immensely useful for the interested parties.

Our Ministry is always to act for providing the general public with qualitative and reliable information. I invite all of you to access to the official Website of the Ministry of justice so that you may gain maximum benefits.

Thalatha Atukorale,
Minister of Justice