As this institute functions within the purview of the Ministry of Justice, the vision of the Ministry of Justice relates to this Institute.


Enhancement of efficiency and quality in the judicial service through training of scheduled and Non - Scheduled officers  in the judicial service except for judicial officers so as to cope with the delay in the process of hearing and disposal of court cases with the prime object  of providing the general public with a speedy and better service.


This institute was established in 2010 in the court building in Palawatte, Battaramulla to fulfill the training requirements of non - Judicial Officers who work at Courts.  Accordingly, this training institute has conducted a number of programmes for the non-judicial officers in order to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Development of attitudes and discipline
  2. Awareness of and understanding the duties
  3. Modernization and innovation
  4. Elimination of bribery and corruption

From 1st of January 2016 to 30th of September 2016, the following training programmes were conducted.

S. No Training Programme No. of Programmes conducted No. of emp. participated
01 KKS 01 29
02 Maintenance of Personal File 01 40
03 Training Programme on Payment Procedures 01 40
04 Training Programme on  Procurement 01 34
05 Training Programme on Human Resources 09 329
06 Training Programme on Office Procedures 01 40
07 Training Programme for Criminal Procedure 09 312
08 Training Programme on Civil Procedure 09 331
09 Training Programme on Legal Systems and Constitutional Law 10 358
10 Training for the new entrants to Public Service 01 38
11 Training Programme on Language (Tamil and English) for six month Course started on December 02 61
12 Three month English Language Training Programme (commenced in May, 2016) this course was conducted by the Open University of Sri Lanka 01 50
13 Training Programme on Computer Literacy 01 25