The Legal Aid Commission (LAC) was established by Legal Aid Law No.27 of 1978. The main objective of the LAC is to provide legal aid to ‘deserving persons’ in Sri Lanka. The role of the LAC is to provide legal advice and free assistance of lawyers to low income groups and to create awareness in the entire society on legal procedures. Many activities inclusive of representation in courts of law and other were implemented under the following divisions during the year.

Legal Division: Representation in Courts on behalf of deserving persons

At present there are 77 Legal Aid Centers island-wide inclusive of the Colombo Center located directly under the Head Office. The main focus of the centers of the Legal Aid Commission is litigation. Legal aid is given to deserving persons: that is, persons whose monthly income is Rs.15,000/= or less. Under special circumstances the income level is relaxed eg: Legal representation in courts for women who seek maintenance for themselves and or their children irrespective of their income status.

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