To develop the Superior Courts Complex Board of Management into the best managed statutory Board in the Country.


The Mission of the Superior Courts Complex Board of Management is to maintain and further develop the existing building facilities and Infrastructure so that all involved in Judiciary and Legal Profession using these facilities may be provided a very conducive environment which will help them to perform their activities with a view to bring out efficient, fair and justice services for the litigants and thereby to achieve the above vision.

The Board of Management was established under the Superior Courts Complex Board of Management Act.No.50 of 1987 to control, administer and manage the Superior Courts Complex and the Buildings thereon which include the making of such additions, alterations and improvements as may be necessary to enhance the amenities of the complex. The Board consists of the following members:-

  • The Chief Justice
  • A Judge of the Supreme Court appointed by the Chief Justice
  • The President of the Court of Appeal
  • A Judge of the Court of Appeal appointed by the President of the Court of Appeal
  • The Secretary to the Ministry of the Minister in charge of the subject of Justice
  • The Secretary to the Ministry of the Minister in charge of the subject of  Local Government , Housing, & Construction
  • The President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka
  • The Municipal Commissioner for the Colombo Municipal Council
  • A Representative of the Ministry of the Minister in charge of the subject of Finance
  • Two members appointed by the President of Sri Lanka

Mrs. Hiranya Perera
Marshal (Chief Executive Officer)
+94 112 437 500
+94 112 437 530
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Engineering Division

Engineering department's responsibilities consist of all aspects of daily operations, maintenance work and renovation tasks together with the connected building services at Superior Courts Complex and ancillary buildings belongs to Superior Courts Complex Board of Management. Ultimate objective is to maintain a safe and smooth environment for all stakeholders.

Mr. K.W.T.R. Weragama
Manager Engineering Services
+94 112 437 502
+94 112 437 522

Financial Division

Establishment of required Financial & Budgetary Controls, Preparation of Annual Budget & Final Accounts, Cash Flow Management. Liaise with Treasury/ Bank/ Auditors & Other Governmental Agencies.

Mr. P.A. Kalinga Gananath
Manager Finance
+94 112 437 503

Security Division

To assure security of Judges, Lawyers, Officials and staff members of the Supreme and Appeal Courts and General public to perform their duties, providing security for Officials and Staff members and General public in Ministry of Justice and also property belongs to Supreme and Appeal Courts Civil Appeal Courts, Traffic Courts and Ministry of justice, Proper checking of Outsiders entering  the premises, issuing passes and guiding them to relevant places, monitoring all vehicles entering to Superior Courts Complex premises, attending actively on fire hazards providing rescue service, maintaining proper co-ordination in emergencies, making the best effort to prevent and minimize the damages to human beings and property belongs to Superior Courts Complex in riots.

Mr. D.M.M.B. Dissanayake
Manager Security
+94 112 437 504

Administration Division

Liaise with other institutions/ Officers and implement all administrative functions, Handling of the mail and implementation of other administrative functions & Board of Management decisions, Handling of HRM functions (Recruitments, Promotion, Leave, Performance Evaluation of Employees & Training etc.), Handling of Welfare & Disciplinary matters, Insurance, Tenders & Quotations, Handling the transport system, Liaise with court / labour cases relevant to the organization when required, Organizing the functions when required,  performing the relevant duties in liaison with all the Divisions.

Mr. B.A.K. Madusanka
Administrative Officer
+94 112 437 501

Housekeeping Division

Responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of maintaining of all Judges Chambers, Court Rooms, Registrar Offices, Judges Quarters, Lobbies and all Public areas, attending to all arrangements for Ceremonial Sittings, Board Meetings and all other functions in the S.C.C. Building, Maintaining a record of all linen, Crockery and Toilet Requisites, Maintaining a record of all Job orders given to the Maintenance department, Maintaining an inventory of all furniture and fittings within the S.C.C. Building, Obtaining requirements for all Housekeeping purposes, supervising all pest control work.

Mr. D.H. Goonathilake
Housekeeping Officer
+94 112 437 505