The Law Commission of Sri Lanka was established under the Law Commission Act No. 03 of 1969, and it is the main government institution which recommends legal reforms. The Department of Law Commission is constituted to extend administrative and research support.


To promote reform of the Law for good governance.


To discharge duties and functions imposed under the Law Commission Act for the purpose of promoting the reform of the law.

Role of the Law Commission of Sri Lanka

The main objective of the Law Commission is to promote the reforms of the law. Following functions are performed by the Law Commission for the purposes of such promotion.

  • The codification of law.
  • The elimination of anomalies.
  • To take and keep under review the law, both substantive and procedural with a   view to its systematic development and reform.
  • The repeal of obsolete and unnecessary enactments.
  • The simplification and modernization of the law.
  • To receive and consider any proposals for the reform of the law.
  • To prepare and submit to the Minister, from time to time, programmes for the examination of different branches of the law with a view to reform,
  • To obtain such information as to the legal systems of other countries.
  • To keep under constant review the exercise by bodies, other than parliament, of the power to legislate by subsidiary legislation with a view to ensuring that they conform to well established principles and to the rule of law.    
  • To formulate programmes for rationalizing and simplifying legal procedures including procedures of an administrative character connected with litigation.
  • To formulate programmes for  the codification of the law in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Department of Law Commission of Sri Lanka
4th Floor,
Ministry of Justice New Building,
No: 80, Adhikarana Mawatha,
Colombo 12.

+94 112 333 884
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