The Supreme Court is the highest Court of the judicial system in Sri Lanka. The Supreme Court, which consists of 11 Judges including the Hon. Chief Justice appointed by His Excellency the President, hears all applications received by it.

The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka recognizes jurisdiction of the Supreme Court as follows: -

  • Jurisdiction in respect of Constitutional matters,
  • Jurisdiction in respect of Fundamental Rights,
  • Final Appellate Jurisdiction,
  • Consultative Jurisdiction,
  • Jurisdiction in Elections Petitions (Presidential election),
  • Jurisdiction in respect of any breach of Privileges of the Parliament, and
  • Jurisdiction in respect of such other matters which Parliament may by Law vest or ordain.

The Registry of the Supreme Court assists the Supreme Court to carry out its functions for which the Ministry of Justice by the Head 234 grants provisions. The functions of the Registry of the Supreme Court includes:-

  • Maintenance of the Record of the Supreme Court.
  • Arrangements for sittings and schedule of applications.
  • Record of Court Orders and Judgments.
  • Enrolment of Attorneys-at-Law at the Supreme Court.
  • Preparation of briefs received from the Court of Appeal and the assessment of legal costs.

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