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Providing Analytical Advisory and Consultancy Service in the fields of Forensic and Food Sciences to Law Courts, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Institutions.

Role of the Department of Government Analyst

The Government Analyst’s Department, being the only forensic laboratory in Sri Lanka, consists of two major Divisions as Food Science and Forensic Science.  Food Science Division includes four laboratories namely Food, Liquor, Milk and Water.  Forensic Science Division has seven major disciplines as Forensic Ballistics Section, Forensic Serology Section, Forensic Toxicology Section, Explosives a Fire Investigation Section, Narcotic Drugs Section, Forensic Questioned Document Section, and Forensic Miscellaneous Section.

This Department proves to be a service providing institution in that it provides advisory, consultancy and scientific service. The Government Analyst’s Department issues analytical reports upon scientific and analytical testing on productions referred to it by the  law Courts of the country, Department of Police, Department of Customs,  Department of Excise, Ports, Local Government Institutions, Ministry of Health and as well as other Government Departments and Statutory  Bodies. Further, it carries out analytical testing to ensure quality control with the samples being referred to the Department by the various government departments and state sponsored bodies. Additionally, the samples received from the Department of Customs are also tested and analyzed for quality control and tariff categorization purposes. The Department also prepares analytical reports after examination of the Questioned documents forwarded by the law courts throughout the country.

All productions submitted for testing will be referred to relevant tests according to various ordinances such as the Food and Drugs Act, National Environment Act, Excise Ordinances, National Authority of Tobacco and Alcohol Act, Cosmetic; Devices Drug Act, Control of Pesticides Act, Fire Arms Ordinance, Poisons, Opium and Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, The Explosives Act, Offensive weapons Act, Motor Traffic Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Proceeding Code, Evidence Ordinance.

This Department also functions as the scientific consultant to other government departments and Government sponsored institutions. Specially, the contribution given by these experts to Sri Lanka Standard Institute in making standards provides an important service. These Experts assist the Technical Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Defense for purchasing Weapons and Equipment.

In May 2013, this Department was shifted to a new building equipped with state of the art technology and all modern facilities at Pelawatte, Battaramulla. A DNA Laboratory which was an essential need has now been established at these premises with all necessary equipment and the analysis of Court productions has commenced. The Department has also established a Provincial Laboratory at Kurunegala.

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