To be the bastion of the Public Service of Sri Lanka in responding effectively to the course of justice in the interest of Sri Lanka.


  • To serve the people of Sri Lanka to our utmost endeavor and work with honour, dignity and integrity to fulfill Sri Lanka’s promise.
  • The Attorney General’s Department will strive to enforce laws of Sri Lanka on the premises of fairness and independence, to ensure justice, safety and liberty for the people of Sri Lanka, in a bid to encourage social and economic prosperity, equal opportunity and tolerance.


  • To provide expert legal services and advice to the Sri Lankan Government Institutions, Corporations and Statutory Boards and to play a pivotal role in the delivery of the Governments’ broader objectives.

The Hon. Attorney General is the Chief Legal Advisor representing the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.  He performs the duties as the Head of the Department and Accounting Officer in the Department. The Attorney General’s Department falls under the category of A Grade Department and by the proclamation published in the GazetteNo.1933/13 dated 21.09.2015, it came under the purview of the Ministry of Justice.

The Attorney General’s Department tenders legal advice, either upon being advice sought or on its own initiative to the Central Government, Provincial Councils, Government’s Departments, Statutory Boards and such other semi government institution with regard to criminal and civil matters including constitutional and commercial jurisdictions etc. Further, the Counsels attached to the Department appear before the Superior Courts, Provincial Appellate High Courts, High Courts and Courts of first instance including Labour Tribunals for the Government and Government Establishments in litigation.

Three main Divisions named Civil Division, Criminal Division and State Attorney Division have been established in the Department for Civil and Criminal cases. The Administration Division and the Accounts Division carry out the activities relating to Administration and Accounts. Additionally, Corporation Branch, EER Unit to deal  with the matters in respect of Emergency Regulations and Preventions of Terrorism Act, Unit to deal the matters in respect of child abuse cases, Immigration and Emigration Unit, Public Complaints Unit and Supreme Court Branch play an important role for the efficient discharge of the duties of the Department.

Role of the Attorney General’s Department

  • To provide  instructions to the Government and Governmental Institutions on Civil, Criminal, Constitutional and Commercial matters, International legal activities and the matters of the United Nations, Human Rights Commission.
  • To represent the Government and Governmental Institutions for the cases, instituted in the Supreme Court, Other Court & Labour Tribunals.
  • To provide necessary legal advice with regard to enactment of new laws and amendments to the existing laws.

Following Divisions of the Department assist in performing the above functions:-    

  • Criminal Branch
  • Civil Branch
  • State Attorney’s Branch
  • Supreme Court  Branch
  • Corporation Branch

Further, there exist a number of units for which special responsibilities are entrusted to carry out functions smoothly and efficiently in the Department.

These units are,

  • Public Petitions Unit (Engaged in dealing  with matters relating to  public petitions)
  • Child Abuse Unit ( Engaged in dealing with matters relating to  child abuse cases)
  • EER Unit (Engaged in dealing with matters relating to the cases initiated under the Emergency Regulations  and Prevention of Terrorism Act)
  • Immigration and Emigration Unit (Engaged in dealing with  matters relating to cases instituted under the  Immigration and Emigration Law)

All these Branches and Units carry out duties which they are entrusted so as best to fulfill the task owed to be discharged by the Department in assisting the process of administration of justice for the sake of the entire nation. Further, Administration and Accounts Divisions of the Department are also assisting on a greater scale to achieve the goals of the Department.

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