Key Roles

The main functions of Sworn Translators include the translation of the documents in to target languages and certification of such documents which are to be submitted for the law courts and provision of assistance to the court proceedings when necessary.

Accordingly, the Ministry recommends persons to be Sworn Translators for different languages namely, Sinhala, Tamil, English, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and such other languages basically depending on the current needs.  [Further, Sworn Translators translate and certify certain documents which the public need a translation in case such documents are required to be certified by a Sworn Translator. On the appointment of Sworn Translators, the Ministry of Justice makes recommendations to the District Judges of the District Courts within respective jurisdictions, the appointments are to take effect].


Recommendation on the appointment for the post of Sworn Translator is made on the basis of marks to be secured at the written test conducted by the Ministry of Justice for the languages namely, Sinhala, Tamil, English and Arabic etc.

Application should be sent together with the certificates in proof of the proficiency in respect of such languages for which the written tests are not conducted.

Procedure for applications

Duly completed applications for the post of Sworn Translator prepared as per the specimen appended at the end of this information, accompanied by the certificates in proof prepared of the educational qualifications and the language proficiency, should be furnished to reach the Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Colombo 12 by registered post or be handed over to the officer in charge of the subject of the Ministry of Justice.

Collection of applications

Applications can be obtained from the officer in charge of the subject or downloaded from the Web Site of the Ministry of Justice.

Fee for the applications

Fee is not chargeable.

Submission of applications

Applications may be sent by registered post or be handed over to the office in charge of the subject of the Ministry of Justice during normal office hours.

The period of time taken for providing the service

During usual office hours.

Certificates necessary in support of the qualifications

Certified copies of certificates in support of language proficiency.

Staff officers in charge of the subject

Name & Designation Phone


Mr. A. Mansoor
Additional Secretary (Admin.)
+94 112 438 181   +94 112 438 181

Mrs. R.P.S. Samankumari
Senior Asst. Secretary (Admin.)

+94 112 436 360 +94 112 436 360

Ms.W.A.T.S. Wariyapperuma
Asst. Secretary (Admin.)

+94 112 452 175 +94 112 320 785

Examination for Recruitment of Sworn Translators 2017/2018